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You’ve got to sell it!

There’s a short film posted on YouTube… ok there are a bunch of short films posted on YouTube but this one I found very poignant in the professional sense.  The film is called “Ambition”.  While the special effects per second of the film are rather high so is the ambition of the very real space program it was made to promote. Here it is:

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Taking the time to tell the story.

451640627_640A lot of what I did for NOAA aboard the Okeanos Explorer revolved around collecting and managing high-definition video.  Over the years I learned a lot about how to deal with video but I also learned that the video’s real value would not be realized until it was leveraged to serve a purpose.  The purpose could have been strictly scientific, like confirming the discovery of a new species or estimating the population of an organism over an area of the seafloor.  The purpose could also have been to tell a story. Continue reading