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Simplified monitoring of a HD Video Recorder via Arduino

arduinoThe devil truly is in the details.  As part of the Sikuliaq Telepresence System I was asked to include a dual-channel HD video recorder.  I found one I liked but because it is managed via a software application it required having a computer screen present to keeps tabs on the system status.  Well not any more!  Thanks to a little trick monitor and an Arduino anyone can easily see the status of the recorder with just a quick glance.

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Looking back…

EX_LOGODuring my years working as the telepresence team lead aboard the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer, I never really knew what the ROV was looking at until weeks later when the highlight reel was published.  Even though I left NOAA weeks ago the lag period still applied.  For anyone who wasn’t watching the live feed in July/August, you might want to take 5 minutes and check out this video.  Pretty impressive stuff if I do say so myself.

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…and now for a bit of fun (but still some science)

photoI just saw this and had to laugh.  Take two ocean science newbies, ask them to “launch” the XBT, tell them the X stand for explosive and remember to film the whole event.  What you have here is the making of a classic.  When you stop laughing and start listening to the marine techs they also provide a great explanation of how an eXpendable BathyThermograph works and how it’s used.  Well played Falkor.

Falkor Expedition – Firing the XBT from Ocean Networks Canada on Vimeo.