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Need to access at-sea data from shore? Try OpenVDMv2 – Port Office

openVDM_LogoV2_1_longUp until now almost all developments on the new user-interface and under-the-hood improvements with OpenVDMv2 have been centered around software and a web-interface installed shipboard.  And while OpenVDMv2 provides mechanism for getting data off the vessel, not as much effort has been made to provide a slick portal for accessing that data on shore… until now.

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Telepresence-Enabled Oceanography – Part 3

broadcasting satellite

Implementing telepresence is not a simple task but in my option the biggest hurdle is empowering users with the ability to fully communicate, in the way the is most natural to the user.  In this article on implementing telepresence I’m going to focus on methods of communication, reasons for communication and some lessons learned setting up communication pathways. Continue reading

Live video from not one but TWO ships!

broadcasting satelliteFor the telepresence junkies out there (as much as tens of people) you’re in luck.  At this moment there are not one but two vessels streaming live video from a remotely operated underwater vehicle  via satellite back to shore for public viewing over the internet. Continue reading

The Next Endeavor.

UAFLogo_A_webblueMy retirement from working at NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research didn’t last as long as I expected but I couldn’t be more excited.  For a few months now I’ve been collaborating with the University of Alaska,  Fairbanks (UAF) to help outfit their newly constructed ice-rated research vessel the R/V Sikuliaq.  The R/V Sikuliaq is the newest member of the University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS) and among the numerous innovations she brings to the fleet is the potential for live streaming video and telepresence.  I got to visit the ship at the shipyard in Wisconsin right before Christmas.  She is impressive and BIG.  More details to follow but for now here are some links to information/photos for the vessel.

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Telepresence-Enabled Oceanography – Part 2

broadcasting satelliteIn Part 1 of this series I talked about telepresence; what it is, why it’s worth doing and a glimpse of how to do it.  In this article I’m going to dive deeper (couldn’t resist) into what is involved to implement this unique paradigm.  I can not stress enough that implementing telepresence takes more than just adding bandwidth and some new widgets.  Continue reading