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Development and First Use of OER’s Mobile Telepresence Unit

broadcasting satelliteThis post is a rework of a poster I worked on for the 2012 UNOLS RVTEC meeting. It’s about the development of a fly-away system that allows video from remote underwater vehicles combined with audio from onboard scientists to be streamed live over the internet.  It is a very exciting technology that is changing the way ocean science is conducted and empowering public audiences to witness discoveries as they unfold.  A few years back I was the project lead for the development of the telepresence system installed aboard the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer.  While that system was very expensive, very large and coupled to the one ship, technology has brought the size and expense of such systems that minimal version can be installed on almost any oceanographic research vessel with a satellite antenna. Continue reading

Bringing work home…

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the workday to get everything done at work that needs to get done.  When that happens a certain type of person feels compelled if not obligated to bring work home with them so that they can continue to work late into the night.  In this particular case the work involved fixing a live video stream of black smokers thousands of feet underwater off the coast of Fiji… yeah, I’ll work late to make that happen! Continue reading

Live (but not) from the Okeanos Explorer

Success is a great thing… just not for your sleep schedule.  About 3 months ago I was contacted by someone at the Pacific Marine Environmental Lab (PMEL) about what it would take to get a live stream from a ship working on active underwater volcanos in the Lau Basin.  Thanks to a heroic effort by individuals from Sarasota, FL, San Diego, CA, Seattle, WA and Rhode Island it looks like this going to happen… starting this week!

UPDATE 2012/09/10: It’s LIVE!!!!

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