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Building a Mounting Board for the Arduino/Raspberry Pi


As much as I like software, data, etc it’s fun to dabble in hardware now and again.  Recently I got on the Arduino/Rasberry Pi bandwagon.  These are a blast to play with but my mostly repressed OCD tendencies have taken issue with the mess of wires and parts dangling across the desk. I had to do something about that, enter a laser cutter.

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Using a Raspberry Pi Computer to Build Cheap Digital Signage

Raspi_Colour_RRecently I wrote about the new dashboard interface for viewing data collected aboard the Okeanos Explorer.  I think it’s a great way to get a quick snapshot as to the health of the data collection systems aboard the vessel.  However it still requires having a browser open.  Tying up a computer just to look at a webpage is kinda a waste… unless that computer fits in the palm of your hand and cost ~$40.00. Continue reading