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Back at it again, and worth a look

nc_logoA couple weeks ago I was in Victoria Canada working with the great folks from University of Victoria as they prepare for their upcoming field season servicing the Venus and Neptune arrays. The second leg of the cruise aboard the CCGC John P. Tully is currently underway.  Go check out the website for updates, dive summaries, cool imagery and live video!

– Webb

Build a Weather-Rated Streaming HD Camera for < $500.00

Problem:  I needed a high-definition (HD) camera with a HD-SDI (HD Serial Digital Interface: broadcast industry protocol for transmitted HD video and embedded audio over coaxial cable) output that can be mounted out on deck for 3 weeks… and I had 72 hours to design, build and install.  Luckily I was in Seattle, WA. Continue reading

In my spare time…

As busy as NOAA keeps me with the Okeanos Explorer I was able to carve out a week of time to work with an exciting project based out of Victoria, Canada.  The NEPTUNE Canada project is an underwater cabled observatory equipped with a range of sensors and tools including a remote-controlled crawler.  The project aims to “wire” the Northern half of the Juan De Fuca Plate off the coast of Victoria and Washington state. Continue reading