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Build a Weather-Rated Streaming HD Camera, new design!

A while back I posted an article on building an weather-rated streaming camera out of a GoPro.  My original build worked but since I was under a pretty tight timeline some corners were cut.  I was asked to build two similar packages for the upcoming Sikuliaq Telepresence System and with this revised design I feel I did it right (or at least better). Continue reading

Live video from not one but TWO ships!

broadcasting satelliteFor the telepresence junkies out there (as much as tens of people) you’re in luck.  At this moment there are not one but two vessels streaming live video from a remotely operated underwater vehicle  via satellite back to shore for public viewing over the internet. Continue reading

Come Watch as NOAA Tests it’s Newest Underwater Vehicle


For the next 2 weeks the Okeanos Explorer will be off the coast of Virginia testing the a new ROV, as of now unnamed.  There’s still a lot of work left to do but it’s an exciting time for those who are part of the build project.  It’s an engineering cruise so there is no set dive schedule like in cruises past but if you want to see what’s happening you can take a look at the live feed from the Okeanos on NOAA’s OceanExplorer website.  If you’re one of those that like to fast-foward to the chase scene, you may want to follow the @OkeanosExplorer Twitter feed.   I will try to tweet just prior to each launch/recovery or whenever something cool happens.  The cruise lasts until June 6th, enjoy!

– Webb

Back at it again, and worth a look

nc_logoA couple weeks ago I was in Victoria Canada working with the great folks from University of Victoria as they prepare for their upcoming field season servicing the Venus and Neptune arrays. The second leg of the cruise aboard the CCGC John P. Tully is currently underway.  Go check out the website for updates, dive summaries, cool imagery and live video!

– Webb

Telepresence-Enabled Oceanographic Research – Part 1

What is telepresence, specifically what qualifies as a telepresence-enabled oceanographic expedition?  This is an interesting question that has fueled a long debate amongst the groups trying to do it.  It is my opinion that there are many that see telepresence as simply the addition of live video and two-way audio to a traditional oceanographic expedition.  I once completely agreed with this viewpoint but I have come to realize that seeing and hearing is only the first part. Continue reading