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Build a Weather-Rated Streaming HD Camera, new design!

A while back I posted an article on building an weather-rated streaming camera out of a GoPro.  My original build worked but since I was under a pretty tight timeline some corners were cut.  I was asked to build two similar packages for the upcoming Sikuliaq Telepresence System and with this revised design I feel I did it right (or at least better). Continue reading

Build a Weather-Rated Streaming HD Camera for < $500.00

Problem:  I needed a high-definition (HD) camera with a HD-SDI (HD Serial Digital Interface: broadcast industry protocol for transmitted HD video and embedded audio over coaxial cable) output that can be mounted out on deck for 3 weeks… and I had 72 hours to design, build and install.  Luckily I was in Seattle, WA. Continue reading