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OpenVDM… getting better all the time.

openVDM_Logo_ICOThanks to the great folks aboard the R/V Endeavor and the E/V Nautilus OpenVDM is continuing to mature and improve!  The biggest change in the latest version is that I’ve all but removed the need to use a terminal window to manage OpenVDM.  Almost all aspects of OpenVDM can now be controlled via the web-interface. Continue reading

Two OpenVDM installations in just under 4 months!

PoweredByOpenVDM_LogoI just returned from Florida having completed the installation of OpenVDM aboard the E/V Nautilus.  This was the second OpenVDM installation aboard a research vessel in the 4 short months that OpenVDM has been available for use.  I couldn’t be happier with how things are moving forward. Continue reading

Coming to the E/V Nautilus… OpenVDM!

E/V NautilusThe last word I heard from the R/V Endeavor was that OpenVDM was a big hit with scientists and marine tech alike.  I plan to do a follow up with the techs when the vessel returns to RI in two weeks… but in the meantime I’ll be in Florida install OpenVDM on the E/V Nautilus!  -Webb

Taking the time to tell the story.

451640627_640A lot of what I did for NOAA aboard the Okeanos Explorer revolved around collecting and managing high-definition video.  Over the years I learned a lot about how to deal with video but I also learned that the video’s real value would not be realized until it was leveraged to serve a purpose.  The purpose could have been strictly scientific, like confirming the discovery of a new species or estimating the population of an organism over an area of the seafloor.  The purpose could also have been to tell a story. Continue reading

What’s in a name: The Second Rule in Data Management

docStackFilesIt’s been said that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover however when it comes to datasets I respectfully disagree.  Being able to find the single data file you want amongst hundreds because of a well-designed directory and file naming structure is awesome.  In this article I go through some basic concepts in file/directory naming and share some specific lessons I learned over the years. Continue reading