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OpenVDM, Understanding How Hooks Work.

openVDM_LogoV2_1_shortAs I mentioned in my last post the next incremental version of OpenVDM is going to include hooks that will allow vessel operators to leverage OpenVDM for automatically executing their own custom data QA/QC and processing software exactly when those custom programs need to be run.  In this post I’ll explain how that works.

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Crowd Sourced Data Processing.

What can I say, there just too much work to do and not enough grad students.  Hat tip to the team and Zooniverse and the Seafloor Explorer Project for turning the mind-numming task of cataloging the bottom-type and critter counts from millions of underwater photos into a game that anyone can start playing at anytime.  And on top of it all the interface is one of the best I’ve seen for doing this kind of stuff.

Well Done!

– Webb