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Using GrowlNotify to Send System-Wide Notifications from Scripts.

I do a lot of scripting and use a lot of automated tasks.  While I like that I have the computers working for me (instead of the other way around) it’s nice to be able to monitor how things are going, when a job completes and most importantly when things go awry.  There are many ways to monitor jobs including automatic emails, log files, RSS feeds (I hope to do an article on this soon) and my favorite method: Growl notifications. Continue reading

Bulk Geo-Tagging of Images Using SCS Timestamped NMEA GGA, HDT and ROV Data

The idea idea of Geo-Tagging or Geo-Referencing images is straight forward; embed time and position information into an image file so that you know when and where the image was taken without having to keep track of the information externally.  It is a technique that is widely used among professional and amateur photographers alike to show where their photos were taken.  Technically speaking, geo-tagging is the process of populating storage bins in the image file’s metadata header with GPS time, longitude, latitude, heading (true or magnetic), and altitude (above or below sea level).  This metadata header is only present on PSD, JPEG and TIFF image types so the techniques discussed here will only work on those files. Continue reading

Convert SCS timestamped NMEA GGA data to KML


For better or worse Google Earth is becoming the defacto standard for geospatial visualization.  I’m guessing this is due to the amazingly powerful and beautiful yet intuitive user interface (giving credit where credit is due).  Regardless of the reasoning, for the near future Google Earth is going to be how most people prefer to show off their GIS data and the interest of being good datarats we should try to figure out how to accommodate our scientists. Continue reading