OceanDataRat is heading to New Orleans.

OS16logo_horzJust wanted to let all 6 of my regular readers know that I’ll be in New Orleans all this week for the 2016 Ocean Sciences meeting.  In addition to hanging out with all the great people I already know will be in attendance I’ll also be presenting 2 posters on OpenVDM.

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More of this please!

Ok someone at Schmidt Ocean Institute brought their marketing A-game to the table this week.  Posted just a few hours ago, SOI has added a new post to their website with real data and are asking citizen (scientists) to analyze the data themselves and predict where the biggest hydro-thermal plume to the current cruise will be discovered.

Participants vote via Twitter and then the scientists currently onboard the vessel decide who was correct/closest.  The winner even gets a stainless-steel SOI water bottle!

Nice work SOI! Way to drum up some interest in science, encourage your followers to dive deeper into the work happening aboard the Falkor and that animated gif… that’s just solid gold!

SOI provides OpenVDM some great recognition.

SOI.fw_The folks at Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) took notice that OpenVDM was up on GitHub and decided to do a nice write up on the event.  As both articles explain, SOI and Capable Solutions have been working together for 2 years on the development of OpenVDM with SOI’s R/V Falkor being the project’s first adopter.

So thanks SOI for that great write up, the awesome traffic bump on OceanDataRat.org and the support you’ve provided over the last 2 years!

– Webb

Tile proxy server, make those GIS webpages work even without connectivity

Logo_MapProxy.svgYou know when you spend all that time building a really slick webpage with a great map feature and then find out it completely doesn’t work when the ship loses connectivity?  Well I do (with OpenVDMv2).  Here’s how I mitigated the situation.

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RVTEC 2015

rvtwlog2It’s that glorious time of year again!  Next week is the 2015 RVTEC conference.  This year the conference will be held at the U.Miami/Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science  in Miami, FL.  I ran out of time to have more diesel-to-data t-shirts made but I hope that doesn’t deter folks from talking with me.

I look forward to seeing some of you there (and enjoy the last warm weather I’ll experience for months),
– Webb