Added GMRT maps to OpenVDM

mgdslogofullThe latest addition was minor from a software development standpoint (just a few line of code) but one I hope will provide a great service to OpenVDM users.

Base on discussions with Dr. Vicki Ferrini from MGDS and my continued work with the Schmidt Ocean Institute I realized an easy way to improve OpenVDM’s usefulness was to integrated OpenVDM with one of the base maps most commonly used by oceanographers, the GMRT Basemap.

The Global Multi-Resolution Topography (GMRT) basemap is one of the best resolution maps of the entire seafloor and often provides greater resolution of features then the ESRI Ocean Basemap.  When I sailed aboard the Okeanos Explorer, this was the resource the mapping team used to plan mapping surveys that would provide the most benefit (mapping where maps were poorest).

Integrating the map was very easy since MGDS provides the basemap as a WMS web-service.  As with the ESRI Ocean Basemap I decided the best way to integrate with this basemap was via the map tile proxy, MapProxy.  This will help minimize the amount of total bandwidth required to view the map on a vessel with modest satellite connectivity.  Refer to the MapProxy section of the installation guide on the OpenVDM GitHub repository for the exact configuration.

To see the new basemap in action please goto the Position Tab in the Data Dashboard section on the OpenVDM demo site.  There is a layers icon in the upper-right corner of the map window.  Click this icon, select the “GMRT Basemap” and watch the magic happen.

Big thanks to everyone who pointed me in this direction!  I hope it will help.
– Webb

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