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OpenVDM, Understanding How Hooks Work.

openVDM_LogoV2_1_shortAs I mentioned in my last post the next incremental version of OpenVDM is going to include hooks that will allow vessel operators to leverage OpenVDM for automatically executing their own custom data QA/QC and processing software exactly when those custom programs need to be run.  In this post I’ll explain how that works.

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OpenVDMv2… in the wild.

EndeavorThe crew aboard the R/V Endeavor has once again subjected themselves to beta testing the newest version of Open Vessel Data Management (OpenVDMv2).  My thanks again for their bravery.  Endeavor’s OpenVDM installation was updated to the new version during the first weekend of July and has been in active use since.  As expected some bugs with the new version did emerge but even so, reviews have been very positive for the improved performance, expanded functionality and completely redesigned user-interface.

For more information on OpenVDMv2 changes as well screenshots and a link to the live demo, please read this post, OpenVDMv2… now available for beta-testing.

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R/V Falkor becomes first vessel to use OpenVDM for uploading and displaying data on shore.

imagesToday marks a real milestone for OpenVDM and for me it represents a real personal triumph.  As of just a few hours ago the Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) went live with their R/V Falkor Status Page.  While what the page does is not a first for a research vessel (many other vessels have similar shore-side portals) it is the first time a major oceanographic institute has chosen to leverage OpenVDM’s built-in ship-to-shore transfer capability and web-based data visualization tools to do so. Continue reading