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I'm Webb, the owner/operator of I started this blog to document some knowledge and tricks I've picked up along the way. My goal is to share what I know in hope that it is useful to others. I'm also the owner operator of Capable Solutions, a small company focused on helping oceanographers and vessel operators turn diesel fuel into quality data.

OpenVDM, Understanding How Hooks Work.

openVDM_LogoV2_1_shortAs I mentioned in my last post the next incremental version of OpenVDM is going to include hooks that will allow vessel operators to leverage OpenVDM for automatically executing their own custom data QA/QC and processing software exactly when those custom programs need to be run.  In this post I’ll explain how that works.

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OceanDataRat is heading to New Orleans.

OS16logo_horzJust wanted to let all 6 of my regular readers know that I’ll be in New Orleans all this week for the 2016 Ocean Sciences meeting.  In addition to hanging out with all the great people I already know will be in attendance I’ll also be presenting 2 posters on OpenVDM.

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SOI provides OpenVDM some great recognition.

SOI.fw_The folks at Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) took notice that OpenVDM was up on GitHub and decided to do a nice write up on the event.  As both articles explain, SOI and Capable Solutions have been working together for 2 years on the development of OpenVDM with SOI’s R/V Falkor being the project’s first adopter.

So thanks SOI for that great write up, the awesome traffic bump on and the support you’ve provided over the last 2 years!

– Webb