Build a Weather-Rated Streaming HD Camera, new design!

A while back I posted an article on building an weather-rated streaming camera out of a GoPro.  My original build worked but since I was under a pretty tight timeline some corners were cut.  I was asked to build two similar packages for the upcoming Sikuliaq Telepresence System and with this revised design I feel I did it right (or at least better). Continue reading

Telepresence-Enabled Oceanography – Part 3

broadcasting satellite

Implementing telepresence is not a simple task but in my option the biggest hurdle is empowering users with the ability to fully communicate, in the way the is most natural to the user.  In this article on implementing telepresence I’m going to focus on methods of communication, reasons for communication and some lessons learned setting up communication pathways. Continue reading

OpenVDM… getting better all the time.

openVDM_Logo_ICOThanks to the great folks aboard the R/V Endeavor and the E/V Nautilus OpenVDM is continuing to mature and improve!  The biggest change in the latest version is that I’ve all but removed the need to use a terminal window to manage OpenVDM.  Almost all aspects of OpenVDM can now be controlled via the web-interface. Continue reading

Two OpenVDM installations in just under 4 months!

PoweredByOpenVDM_LogoI just returned from Florida having completed the installation of OpenVDM aboard the E/V Nautilus.  This was the second OpenVDM installation aboard a research vessel in the 4 short months that OpenVDM has been available for use.  I couldn’t be happier with how things are moving forward. Continue reading

Coming to the E/V Nautilus… OpenVDM!

E/V NautilusThe last word I heard from the R/V Endeavor was that OpenVDM was a big hit with scientists and marine tech alike.  I plan to do a follow up with the techs when the vessel returns to RI in two weeks… but in the meantime I’ll be in Florida install OpenVDM on the E/V Nautilus!  -Webb