New Year, New OpenVDM Install.

okeanosExplorerI’m happy to report that in a few months OpenVDM will be going onto the ship that inspired it’s creation!  While the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer will be the fourth ship to use OpenVDM, this is the first time OpenVDM will be providing ship-wide oceanographic data management services for a U.S. federal vessel.  I’m pretty stoked!



rvtwlog2It’s that glorious time of year again!  Next week is the 2014 RVTEC conference.  This year the conference will be held at the Oregon State University (OSU) in Corvallis, OR. This year it’s going to be even better since it’s being combined with the 2014 INMARTECH meeting… basically the international version of RVTEC.  So excited!

Hopefully I’ll see some of you there,
– Webb

You’ve got to sell it!

There’s a short film posted on YouTube… ok there are a bunch of short films posted on YouTube but this one I found very poignant in the professional sense.  The film is called “Ambition”.  While the special effects per second of the film are rather high so is the ambition of the very real space program it was made to promote. Here it is:

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OpenVDM… heading to the Luck Dragon!

imagesI just got the confirmation that next week I’m heading to California to install OpenVDM aboard the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s (SOI) R/V Falkor! This is not my first time working with SOI and in many ways it represents an endeavor that has come full circle.

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