OpenVDM… heading to the Luck Dragon!

imagesI just got the confirmation that next week I’m heading to California to install OpenVDM aboard the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s (SOI) R/V Falkor! This is not my first time working with SOI and in many ways it represents an endeavor that has come full circle.

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OpenVDM… now sending files back to the beach!

openVDM_Logo_ICOIt’s been a busy summer for OpenVDM.  My sincere thanks to the various users for their excellent feedback which has lead to the OpenVDM’s rapid maturity and expanded functionality.  Speaking of expanded functionality I’m happy to announce that OpenVDM is now capable of sending files back to the beach!  This is big! Continue reading

Simplified monitoring of a HD Video Recorder via Arduino

arduinoThe devil truly is in the details.  As part of the Sikuliaq Telepresence System I was asked to include a dual-channel HD video recorder.  I found one I liked but because it is managed via a software application it required having a computer screen present to keeps tabs on the system status.  Well not any more!  Thanks to a little trick monitor and an Arduino anyone can easily see the status of the recorder with just a quick glance.

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Build a Weather-Rated Streaming HD Camera, new design!

A while back I posted an article on building an weather-rated streaming camera out of a GoPro.  My original build worked but since I was under a pretty tight timeline some corners were cut.  I was asked to build two similar packages for the upcoming Sikuliaq Telepresence System and with this revised design I feel I did it right (or at least better). Continue reading

Telepresence-Enabled Oceanography – Part 3

broadcasting satellite

Implementing telepresence is not a simple task but in my option the biggest hurdle is empowering users with the ability to fully communicate, in the way the is most natural to the user.  In this article on implementing telepresence I’m going to focus on methods of communication, reasons for communication and some lessons learned setting up communication pathways. Continue reading