Live video from not one but TWO ships!

broadcasting satelliteFor the telepresence junkies out there (as much as tens of people) you’re in luck.  At this moment there are not one but two vessels streaming live video from a remotely operated underwater vehicle  via satellite back to shore for public viewing over the internet. Continue reading

Coming soon to the R/V Endeavor… OpenVDM!

EndeavorI just received a purchase order from the University of Rhode Island to install OpenVDM aboard the R/V Endeavor!  My thanks to Bill Fanning and Erich Gruebel who responded my request for trial vessels.  I hope OpenVDM lives up to their expectations and ultimately helps the R/V Endeavor reach their data management goals.

Open Vessel Data Management

PoweredByOpenVDM_LogoIn my spare time I’ve continued working on an idea that I started when I worked for NOAA aboard the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer.  I still have a long ways to go but I feel it’s reach a point where I can introduce the project and open the floor for discussion/feedback from the community. Continue reading